A downloadable SPACE KAMIKAZE Mele'up for Windows and Linux

SPACE KAMIKAZE is a shoot'em up /top down shooter. But, you know. You don't "SHOOT"." What do you do to defeat your enemies then? " You may be asking.

You are a kamikaze.

Your objective is defeating all 14 enemies. But they have guns! So be careful and press M2 to switch to your shield, which destroys bullets. To approach your enemy, look at your enemy using your mouse, and press M1 to go where you are looking at. By blocking bullets and killing enemies, increase your combo meter! More combo  you have more money you'll gain when your combo meter goes down. You can also press M3 to finish your combo immediantly. There are also power ups that use money to get. There are also power-downs? They reduce your stats but give you money in return.

Oh yeah there are difficulty settings too.

Install instructions

1- Open/Extract the RAR file.

2- Open the folder in it.

3- Open Space Kamikaze.exe


Space Kamikaze.rar 16 MB


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