A downloadable The Lame for Windows

A new space invaders game just came out, with rainbow skins, ranks and online co-op + online battles! Now only for 0.00$! It's compeletely free to play! But, there is one tiny problem. It's made by AEYou shall pay to win! Why? To fell


Just in case you didn't figure out already, it's based on Pride, the 7th deadly sin.

This game was made in 6 hours, but the jam gives 48 hours. I had just about this much time to make this. Sorry! 

As for gameplay, well. Don't expect anything good and enter the game that way, since all you do is pressing buttons, and feel accomplished(and Pr?de)!

This game is made for Pizza Jam, which it's theme is The 7 Deadly Sins.

Install instructions

Download the .rar folder, extract it, then start the .exe file in it.


Pride.rar 11 MB


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